About Me

I started this blog to share my love, knowledge, experiences, and tips and tricks that I have gathered over the years while cooking with wood and charcoal. While there are a ton of bbq sites, blogs, and youtube videos out there; this blog focuses on real world uses.

I’m not some pit crew master, masquerading as a backyard “bbq-er”. I’m a real world weekend-warrior that has a day job just like you. I buy my meat at the regular grocery store; just like you. So the tips and recipes you’ll find on my blog, are almost guaranteed to work for you. There are no staged or “Photoshopped” cooks on this site. Everything you see is authentic and done with my own hands, my own equipment, and in my own backyard.

If this sounds like your situation, then this is the blog for you. I’m sure you’ll find something useful and familiar in my posts. Please share your comments, experiences, or feedback.

If you want to quote me or any of the postings on this blog, please do so by mentioning “PhillyGriller” and the full title of this blog with a URL link, trackback, or pingback to “PhillyGriller”.

Thank you for stopping by PhillyGriller.com

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