Oak-Smoked/Roasted Bottom Round Roast


This cut of meat is one of the reasons I find beef more difficult than say lamb or pork. There are so many cuts of beef; bottom this or top this. What? I have very little beef “cut-savvy”. I know that prime rib and rib eye are good, and this particular cut here; not so much. So when my wife bought a couple of these on sale I had to try to find a different way to cook it. Normally this goes into the slow cooker for a stew or into the oven but I wanted to try something different.

Granted this recipe is not going to turn this into prime rib, but it does a good job at imparting some flavor from both the rub, carmelization, and of course the smoke.

So let’s get started cooking!

Mise en place… This cut is getting a simple rub equal parts black pepper, kosher salt, and some dried rosemary, fresh from my garden last year.



Step 2: Using a mortar and pestle to get a finer grind out of the rosemary.



Step 3: Liberally applying the rub.



Step 4: I used my favorite cast iron half moon griddle to put sear marks on the meat before moving it to a cooler side of the grill.



Step 5: Flipping it over to the other side…



Step 6: Off the griddle and moved to the cooler side of the grill. Grill temp is 350 degrees. Planned cook is for about an hour and a half.



Step 7: Fresh off the grill

After an hour and a half on the grill, I pulled her off and she looks pretty good. The oak wood chunks gave it a nice color.


Step 8: Wrapping in foil

I wrapped the roast and let the juices re-circulate for about 20 minutes.



Step 9: Makin’ the cut

Here is roast finally cut. It tasted a lot better off the grill than my usual methods.


Lessons Learned

I think if my wife buys this cut of meat again, I may use a beer based marinade prior to the grill roast. Also maybe just an hour or so instead of 90 minutes. But overall I’m satisfied with the results.

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