Basil & Garlic Grill Roasted Pork Tenderloins–Part II (Cook)

Here is the follow-up to my previous post, Tenderloins Part I

Step 4: Tenderloins pulled out of the refrigerator after a soaking in brine/marinade overnight. Aroma of the fresh basil and garlic was still rich after a night’s soaking.



Step 5: Here I’m just putting the tenderloins on. Grill surface is medium hot right now. With lid closed the temp was around 375. As you can see I have my cast-iron half moon griddle taking care of some onion burgers on the side.


Step 6: Here are the tenderloins about halfway through at about 15 minutes. I’ve flipped the cast iron griddle over so the grill part is up top. My plan during this cook was to use the cast iron griddle as a constant heat source as the single layer of coals on the right started burning down. Underneath the griddle is a weber charcoal basket to provide a longer term source of heat. If I plan this right, the briquettes on the right side would have burned down and the griddle will be the source of indirect heat as the tenderloins finish on the right.


Step 7: Here are the tenderloins just as I’m pulling them off the grill.  I guess for my attempt at tenderloins they came out pretty good. I was looking for a darker more carmelized outer surface. Maybe a higher temp setting using lump and briquettes might do the trick. Total cook time was 45 minutes.


Step 8: A tenderloin sliced after resting for about 15 minutes. Oh, the fork in the shot got a good amount of use prior to this picture being taken!


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